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Commentary on our dog Vivian

Our little dog Vivian was put to sleep yesterday at the vet’s office.

Commentary on the Catholic Church

My days as a Catholic are over. That is difficult to say given my upbringing.

Commentary by Hammerle

We all need to set our animosities aside and reestablish lost friendships as American citizens.

Oscar Pics 2021

Well, it’s time that I make a fool of myself by swallowing what’s left of my pride and make my Oscar picks.

Commentary on the Revolt of the Republican Party

Being forced to watch Trump try to annihilate our democracy and steal the Presidential election destroyed much of the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas 2020

No one loves the holiday season more than me.

Commentary on Memories

I’m reminded of contemplating the past for several reasons.

The Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg – – – Now What

An election year vacancy on the court should wait until voters decide.

Court Humor Part 2

While movies appear to be slowly sneaking our way, I’m not holding my breath.

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