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Oscar Picks 2023

Here are my picks.

Commentary on Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time saying goodbye to Christmas

Commentary on Forgiving Student Loans

It is shocking to watch Republican Party Leaders and Fox News demean President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program.

Commentary on Marion County’s New Courthouse

The new courthouse off Southeastern Ave is a disaster on multiple levels.

Commentary on Women’s Rights

Women in our country stand on the edge of being treated like second class citizens.

Commentary on the January 6th Investigation

Democracy sits on the edge of destruction and millions of Americans don’t seem to care.

Commentary on Treating Women as Second Class Citizens

Tragically, the Republican Party is showing where they will lead us in the future.

Commentary on Remembering Our Country’s Past

I wonder if the descendants of the Southern rebels have found a way to destroy our cherished democracy.

Commentary on Guns

How can we sit silent while gun violence destroys the image of our country?

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