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Commentary on Police Officers Dying on Our Streets

We will do nothing to ensure the safety of police officers until we finally do something about the sad reality that firearms infest our community.

Commentary on Trump and Taxes

Regardless of your feelings concerning President Trump, how can anyone possibly support his tax proposal without requiring him to make his tax returns a public record?

Commentary on Violence

The Indianapolis Star’s article last Sunday entitled “IMPD: Recent Violence ‘Unacceptable’” was astonishing.

Commentary on Immigrants, Terrorists and Guns

Has the Republican Party abandoned both reason and common sense?

Commentary on Right-Wing Radio

Is President Trump’s constant stream of lies or his defense by right-wing radio more appalling?

Commentary on Healthcare

As President Trump and the Republican members of Congress try to repeal Obamacare and come up with a replacement, I have a suggestion.

Commentary on School and Poverty

As a criminal defense lawyer who has been in practice for over 40 years, I know first hand that the vast majority of those serving time in prison for committing violent crimes are… Continue reading

Oscars Best Short Film, Live Action Nominees

The five nominated films in this category are an interesting collection. Two of them deal with the immigration issue that is haunting so many countries other than the United States.

Oscar Predictions for 2017

Once again, the Oscars are upon us, and it’s time that I stare into my admitted fuzzy crystal ball. I wouldn’t go to Vegas and bet on my predictions, but I’m not afraid… Continue reading