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The Accountant

The three minute ending was surprisingly moving, and it helped you to forget the confusing  two hours that preceded it.

Hell or High Water

You may not know Margaret Bowman, but wait until you see her unforgettable role as a sassy waitress.

The Infiltrator

This film should be watched at home when you are bored.  Unfortunately, you would probably fall asleep halfway through it.

Suicide Squad

I took my Saudi foreign exchange student to see this film, and this was his last week in the States.  At least he can remember why we Americans value artistic mendacity.

The Nice Guys

In the words of a close friend, “Hammerle, this was the worst f–king movie I’ve ever seen.”

Money Monster

This is a contemporary film that deserves to be seen. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, good.

Green Room

A delightfully diabolical film, it ends up being one unique roller-coaster ride.

Triple 9

On the upside, you will not see a worse movie in 2016 with this many great actors in the cast.

The Hateful Eight

I’m willing to bet that no Oscar nominated actress like Jennifer Jason Leigh has ever spent a film this bloody, bruised and beaten.