The Pale Blue Eye

The type of film where tedium leads to some great surprises.

The Pale Blue Eye

To begin with, this is not a movie for everyone. It is a somber film about murder and devil worship. Like Amsterdam, it is held together by an expected great performance from Christian Bale.

The story takes place at the West Point Military Academy in 1830. A student is found hung from a tree with his heart cut out. With its existence threatened, the school calls in Detective Augustus Landor (Mr. Bale) to solve the crime.

Problems develop when another student is found dead with his heart removed. Needing assistance, Landor employs a student name Edgar Allan Poe to help him.

The film largely deals with the relationship of these two men. Harry Melling gives a marvelous performance as Poe, a man who loves poetry and the mysterious daughter of the Academy’s doctor.

Tracking down the killers, Landor and Poe find documents that support devil worshiping. When Landor discovered that Poe didn’t get along with the two dead men, he becomes a suspect.

What makes this film rise from the cinematic ashes is a surprise that I dare not reveal. It turns out that the killer could have been anyone. So hunt down this movie to discover the shocking answer.