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Song to Song

This film does not have a single entertaining moment. It is impossible to imagine a worst film being released in 2017.


This little film may be the finest musical of 2016.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Though my recent murder trial kept me from quickly seeing this film, I was stunned to experience its heartwarming nature.

Sing Street

This movie finds a way to sprinkle fairy dust over the entire audience.  Enjoy the experience.

Miles Ahead

How did I enjoy a film where you are left rooting for no one?

I Saw the Light

You really should see this film precisely because you are reluctant to do so. I think you will be a bit surprised.

Straight Outta Compton

I think it would help if we all knew what NWA stands for. What if everyone could say it with a smile?

Ricki and the Flash

If your attraction to Ms. Streep is similar to Ulysses attraction to Circe and her island of tempting singing vixens, then buy the soundtrack and avoid this film.


Amy Winehouse was a singer who was quietly tortured to death in public. With death she found the comfort denied in life.