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The Salesman

An interesting movie that was “okay” at best. If you want to spend an evening getting incredibly bored, then go see The Salesman and Moonlight back-to-back.


This movie may prove to be one of the better films of 2017. I wonder if it will be remembered at Oscar time.


There is not a single upside to this disastrous film, and I can’t believe that Mr. McAvoy will list this on his resume.


What if courting someone involves an occasional sexual assault? And before answering, guess why this film is dying at the box office.

Miss Sloane

This is a unique, politically important film that is tragically dying at the box office.


This film is cinematic proof that you can never successfully fall in love in Casablanca.

Nocturnal Animals

This film is as missable as any movie released in 2016. I’m making an exception for those starring Kevin Hart.


Given the massive praise for this film, with my criticism I felt like the only poor sap who flunked the bar exam after graduating from law school.

The Accountant

The three minute ending was surprisingly moving, and it helped you to forget the confusing  two hours that preceded it.