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This devastatingly emotional Oscar-nominated foreign film in many ways conquers Roma in that category. It won the Grand Jury prize at Cannes.

Cold War

Cold War is one of the five foreign films nominated for an Oscar this year. Sure, it is in subtitles, but who cares when you’re watching a significant movie?

Stan and Ollie

This film reminded me of Warren Zevon’s last song before he died, Keep Me In Your Heart for a While.


This is a supremely missable film. Dull as it is tedious, it takes a long time to go nowhere.


A unique, captivating Japanese film in subtitles that involved a drama that I have never seen on the big screen.

On the Basis of Sex

This mesmerizing little film should be required viewing in all law schools.

If Beale Street Could Talk

This is a meaningful film that will leave you feeling emotionally exhausted.


A transcendent historical film that is difficult to watch given its appalling political significance.


No, this is not the best film of the year, though it is a very moving story about a family in Mexico City trying to make sense out of a confusing world.