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A United Kingdom

Forget overrated films like Moonlight and Fences. This film hits racism between the eyes.

The Founder

When I watched this movie, I remembered going to McDonald’s the first time as a kid and ordering multiple hamburgers. This is a movie about the flaws inherent in our American free market… Continue reading


The irony of this film is that if Lee Harvey Oswald was alive today, he would have an easy time of buying a rifle used to kill JFK.


Sometimes very quiet, ordinary people can change the quality of life in our country that they didn’t expect.


Everyone should see this extraordinary film, while trial lawyers have to see it.

The Birth of a Nation

Slavery may have ended in 1865, but racism permeates our society to this very day.

Queen of Katwe

Do yourself a favor and see this brilliant little movie.


This film is a reminder to all Americans that we have largely lost our privacy.


Sully’s passengers didn’t drown, but I can’t say the same thing about the movie audience.