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RBG had no problems with her new nickname, noting with a smile that the comparison to The Notorious B.I.G. was accurate given that they were both born in Brooklyn.


Regardless of your personal view of cats, this documentary will leave you intrigued while you roam the sites and experience the sounds of the ancient city of Istanbul.

I Am Not Your Negro

As pointed out in this film, African Americans are treated by a large segment of our white society in the same way Native Americans were described in John Wayne films.

The Eagle Huntress

Broken down to its basics, you will not see a better documentary this year.

Dark Horse

Think of little people from a small town in Kentucky raising a horse that becomes a legitimate competitor in the races for the Triple Crown. God, it was enthralling to watch good things… Continue reading


In his own mind, he saw himself as Kahn’s “The Weiner the World Awaited.”

City of Gold

See this fine film before dining out.

Where to Invade Next

We have a lot to learn from other countries, and it’s time our politicians start paying attention.

He Named Me Malala

As much as I liked Best of Enemies, I hope that this documentary wins the Oscar. I just want to see Malala give a short speech.