Category Archive: Comedy

Deadpool 2

Though the plot has merit, just set it aside. Be prepared to laugh longer and louder than you have ever done in a movie theater.


You will like this film only if you define annoyance as entertainment.

The Leisure Seeker

Like last year’s The Florida Project, this film could have been a great movie had it fallen into the category of a live-action short film.

The Death of Stalin

Many critics loved this historical art film. I liked it…I think.

Love, Simon

I wish this film was required viewing in all high school sex education classes.

Paddington 2

I saw this film with my skeptical 19 and 16-year-old grandchildren. We all loved it. Enough said.

The Disaster Artist

If there was a more pathetic movie released in this past year, I haven’t seen it.

I, Tonya

Love her or hate her, just see this film.

Lady Bird

This is a movie that most men will like but all women will love and appreciate.