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The Last Word

Even if Ms. MacLaine should decide never to act again, this movie is a fitting tribute to her splendid career.

The LEGO Batman Movie

While it will likely challenge in other areas, this endearing little film could very well win next year’s Oscar in the animated film category.


I loved Mr. Jarmusch’s romantic vampire film Only Lovers Left Alive (2013), and this one dances in the same category.

20th Century Women

Fortunately, Ms. Benning is worth watching in an average film. I simply wanted this movie to be better than it was.


What if courting someone involves an occasional sexual assault? And before answering, guess why this film is dying at the box office.


This little film may be the finest musical of 2016.

La La Land

The opening song and dance number on a jammed LA Highway exit is breathtaking, and you will be glued to your seat from that very moment.

Office Christmas Party

There is absolutely no upside to this miserable film. It is a completely regrettable movie experience.


You know the music is going to be special when it involved inspiration from Lin-Manuel Miranda.