Star Trek Beyond

There is a brief moment where one of the Enterprise lads unites with his child and gay partner. George Takei should be proud.

Captain Fantastic

Trump supporters will not like this film.  The Cash family slogans, “Power to the People” and “Stick it to the Man!”

Les Cowboys

The movie definitely had its moments, but it ended up collapsing under its own cinematic weight.


The only legitimate criticism of starring four women is that the only non-scientist was black.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

This is a unique, enthralling movie experience.

The Secret Life of Pets

Consider this recommendation etched in stone — you will leave the theater with a large smile on your face.

Dark Horse

Think of little people from a small town in Kentucky raising a horse that becomes a legitimate competitor in the races for the Triple Crown. God, it was enthralling to watch good things… Continue reading


This movie will rival The Neon Demon as one of the worst films of 2016.


Critics continually give Mr. Spielberg’s work an A when some of them deserve a C+. Need I say more?