The Magnificent Seven

Thankfully, Elmer Bernstein’s classical score appears at this film’s conclusion.

Commentary on Pence and Forgiveness

First of all, let me congratulate Susan L. Gerhart for her wonderful Letter to the Editor appearing on October 16th. However, in noting that Governor Pence puts party before his Christian religion, she… Continue reading


This film is a reminder to all Americans that we have largely lost our privacy.


Why are professional women, not men, frequently judged by their clothes and shoes? Take a look at female TV reporters on Fox, ESPN and local news.


Sully’s passengers didn’t drown, but I can’t say the same thing about the movie audience.

Commentary on Violence

Nearly every day the residents of Indianapolis are greeted with news of another person shot and killed. The sad reality is that we are all responsible given our complete failure to do anything… Continue reading

The Light Between Oceans

This movie reminded me of the old film on Michelangelo entitled The Agony and the Ecstacy. The only difference is you want to take out “the Ecstacy”.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Though my recent murder trial kept me from quickly seeing this film, I was stunned to experience its heartwarming nature.

Don’t Breathe

Think of your worst nightmare that continues to haunt you. Need I say more?