Florence Foster Jenkins

Though my recent murder trial kept me from quickly seeing this film, I was stunned to experience its heartwarming nature.

Don’t Breathe

Think of your worst nightmare that continues to haunt you. Need I say more?

Hell or High Water

You may not know Margaret Bowman, but wait until you see her unforgettable role as a sassy waitress.

Kubo and the Two Strings

What if nature gave us a way to embrace our late parents one more time? I wish we could all have Kubo’s two strings.

Don’t Think Twice

It is easier to embrace the end of summer when Marvel films start to disappear and tiny, meaningful films like this one find an empty screen in a theater.

Pete’s Dragon

This is the third film that I have seen in a row (Anthropoid and Indignation) that I was left crying at the conclusion.  Am I really a decent movie reviewer or am I… Continue reading


What if your memory of lost love is limited to images on wallpaper in a sanitarium?


This movie serves as a reminder that Western civilization can be as heartlessly destructive as terrorists we face around the globe in the 21st century.

Sausage Party

Grotesquely amusing. Wickedly obscene. Yet has a spiritual meaning hidden behind four letter words.