Can You Ever Forgive Me?

This is a unique, dark R-rated film that lovingly portrays unlikeable people.

Bohemian Rhapsody

This film rivals Black Panther, Blackkklansman and A Star is Born as one of the great movies of 2018.

Free Solo

While it is emotionally difficult to watch a climber try to ascend El Capitan without any type of supporting gear, the overwhelming majesty of watching a man risk his own life to ascend… Continue reading

Firearms Commentary

How many more decent people have to be sent to their graves before we have the courage to act?

Searching and A Simple Favor

Searching and A Simple Favor are two films flying under the cinematic radar screen.

Operation Finale

The importance of Operation Finale transcends any analysis of its cinematic significance.

A Commentary on Our President

Like it or not, how can anyone deny that President Trump has forfeited any semblance of dignity, honor and respect.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

As memorably sung in Billy Jack (1971), “Do it in the name of heaven, you can justify it in the end.”


Ever walk through a Humane Society shelter that takes care of dogs waiting to be adopted?  This movie will provide you with the same emotional charm.