A United Kingdom

Forget overrated films like Moonlight and Fences. This film hits racism between the eyes.

Late Change in Oscar Picks for 2017

My, my, my, who would have thought that I made a mistake with my recent Oscar picks for this year.

I Am Not Your Negro

As pointed out in this film, African Americans are treated by a large segment of our white society in the same way Native Americans were described in John Wayne films.

Commentary on the Importance of Adventure

One of the down sides to the aging process is the tendency to exclude adventure from our lives.

Oscars Best Short Film, Live Action Nominees

The five nominated films in this category are an interesting collection. Two of them deal with the immigration issue that is haunting so many countries other than the United States.


There is not a single upside to this disastrous film, and I can’t believe that Mr. McAvoy will list this on his resume.

Oscar Predictions for 2017

Once again, the Oscars are upon us, and it’s time that I stare into my admitted fuzzy crystal ball. I wouldn’t go to Vegas and bet on my predictions, but I’m not afraid… Continue reading

You’re on Your Own at the Theater for a Week

First of all, we survived a splendid snowmobiling trip to Yellowstone, though my grandchildren still believe that I put their lives in danger.

The Founder

When I watched this movie, I remembered going to McDonald’s the first time as a kid and ordering multiple hamburgers. This is a movie about the flaws inherent in our American free market… Continue reading