Commentary on Embracing Ignorance

As COVID finds a way to again infect millions in our country, the goal of many is to be dumber than a box of rocks by avoiding vaccinations.


While my friend Dr. Klineman loved it, I found it more depressing than entertaining.

The Suicide Squad

I really liked this film from beginning to end.

The Courier

Relive that moment in history where the world danced on the edge of nuclear destruction during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In the Heights

A must see even if you aren’t a fan of Broadway musicals.

Commentary by Hammerle

We all need to set our animosities aside and reestablish lost friendships as American citizens.


Widely entertaining, you’ll never see a better film dominated by two wicked women!

A Quiet Place Part II

A riveting horror film just as engaging as its predecessor.


This is a unique, must-see film. Just remember the classic line, “Give me the God damned kitty cat bracelet!”

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