The title of this film reflects the tragic decision most viewers would take if forced to watch this film a second time.

Commentary on Hoosier Wild Animals

I thought that some of you might be interested in a recent Letter to the Editor I sent to The Indianapolis Star.

Guns, Porn Stars, Potholes and Movies

Forgive me my diatribe, but the films that have been released over the last several weeks have just not been very good.

Oscar Picks 2018

For those of you who read my column that appears in The Indiana Lawyer, you already know that I made my Oscar picks several weeks ago.

Oscar Nominated Short Films Animates Series

To be quite frank, these nominated films were somewhat disappointing and did not dance in the same league as the films recognized in the live action category that I previously reviewed.

Black Panther

Black Panther is a spectacular movie experience.

Commentary on the American Political System

I don’t know how any reasonably intelligent American citizen can support Donald Trump.

The Greatest Showman Re-reviewed

When I first reviewed The Greatest Showman, I said that while it was not a great movie, it did provide great entertainment. I was wrong.

Oscar Nominated Short Films, Live Action

Three of the nominated films are based on actual events that function as a poignant history lesson.