SPOILER ALERT: Given my feeling that few of you will see this film, I’ve taken the liberty to describe certain scenes central to my review.

The Leisure Seeker

Like last year’s The Florida Project, this film could have been a great movie had it fallen into the category of a live-action short film.


This is an easy movie to avoid even for you historians.

Paul, Apostle of Christ

Both dull and plodding, it gives Christianity a bad name.

A Quiet Place

You don’t have to like horror films to be captivated by this movie.

Commentary on Early Voting

How can any Hoosier Republican stand silently by while their party engages in manifest racial discrimination.

Ready Player One

While this is not a Spielberg masterpiece, it has some spunk and charm that should put it on your must see list.

The Death of Stalin

Many critics loved this historical art film. I liked it…I think.

Love, Simon

I wish this film was required viewing in all high school sex education classes.