This is a highly praised film centering on a character that you will disdain. Keep that in mind when you buy a ticket.


To be quite frank, if you’re going to see a space movie, then hunt down Rogue One and leave Passengers on your to do list.


Watch the ending credits where you’ll see the actual people played out on the screen. It will remind you of the heartwarming moment previously seen in the Queen of Katwe.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

While the film has great special effects, its strength is found flowing from the heart of a group of misfits who are willing to die young for a noble cause.


The irony of this film is that if Lee Harvey Oswald was alive today, he would have an easy time of buying a rifle used to kill JFK.

La La Land

The opening song and dance number on a jammed LA Highway exit is breathtaking, and you will be glued to your seat from that very moment.

Miss Sloane

This is a unique, politically important film that is tragically dying at the box office.

Office Christmas Party

There is absolutely no upside to this miserable film. It is a completely regrettable movie experience.


You know the music is going to be special when it involved inspiration from Lin-Manuel Miranda.