Moonage Daydream

This is a fascinating documentary that teaches you one of Bowie’s principles, “No one can laugh at you if you’ve already laughed at yourself”.


An interesting horror film with plot twists that will surprise you.

The Territory

Brazil continues to destroy much of the Amazon’s rain forest while wiping out Native Tribes.

Emily the Criminal

Emily is like a young, female James Bond who is creatively violating the law, not enforcing it.

Commentary on Forgiving Student Loans

It is shocking to watch Republican Party Leaders and Fox News demean President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program.


A prequel to Predator, Prey is a dark, enhancing film that is fascinating at every turn.

Bullet Train

This movie is a messy collection of some periodic good moments.

Commentary on Marion County’s New Courthouse

The new courthouse off Southeastern Ave is a disaster on multiple levels.

Commentary on Women’s Rights

Women in our country stand on the edge of being treated like second class citizens.

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