2017 Oscar-nominated Animated Shorts

For me, it was relatively easy to pick the Oscar winner. Pixar brings us a lovely little film, but I hope that their powerful influence does not guide them to an Oscar deserved… Continue reading


I loved Mr. Jarmusch’s romantic vampire film Only Lovers Left Alive (2013), and this one dances in the same category.


Tribute to Mary Tyler Moore, John Hurt and Barbara Hale

20th Century Women

Fortunately, Ms. Benning is worth watching in an average film. I simply wanted this movie to be better than it was.


What if courting someone involves an occasional sexual assault? And before answering, guess why this film is dying at the box office.

A Monster Calls

This is a creative little film about how children try to cope with life that involves love, marital entanglements, tragedy and death.

Follow-Up on Reviews of Sing and Hidden Figures

Given the fact that we are leaving tomorrow with my two grandchildren for a snowmobiling trip to Yellowstone, I was a little bit hasty in sending out my reviews of Sing and Hidden… Continue reading

Hidden Figures

Women of any color will love this movie.


This little film may be the finest musical of 2016.