Big Mouth Bob's Bug Juice Dispensary

Medora and Theodore Roosevelt National Park (ND) (Images of America) 2007

Big Mouth Bob’s Bug Juice Dispensary was a saloon in the old west. It was made famous when Teddy Roosevelt stepped off the train in the Dakota Territory and looked to his left to see Big Mouth Bob’s Bug Juice Dispensary. Mr. Roosevelt, fresh from his upper crust life in New York City, had come west to hunt bison in the late 1880’s. Big Mouth Bob’s must have been quite a place. And it was likely made more so by the presence of Mr. Roosevelt and his hunting buddies.

Bob Hammerle authors the movie review and opinion pieces you will find here. The bigmouth part will become obvious as you read here, unless of course you already know Hammerle. Bob is a very accomplished lawyer by day but his avocation is, and has always been, the movies. He likes history too; hence the Teddy Roosevelt connection. But the movies have always been Bob’s first love.

It all started as a young boy in Batesville, Indiana where he could dream bigger than that small Midwest town in the one room movie theater in Batesville. It was there he fell in love with Hayley Mills, was mesmerized by John Wayne playing Davy Crocket, and came to understand why Steve McQueen was the coolest guy who ever lived. There, he could be transported to Big Mouth Bob’s Bug Juice Dispensary or any number of places through the magic of the cinema.

The connection between the movies and the law may not be readily apparent but if one thinks about it for a minute, both require the telling of stories. The stories of the law are based solely on the evidence, but in the movies the storyteller is allowed more latitude. Anything that makes the story more interesting or advances the plot is allowed in the movies. And if you have heard Bob tell a story, you know that he believes the same is true for his telling of “true stories”.

This website is a gift to him. Bob doesn’t know much about “the internets” so go easy on him here when it comes to tech issues or problems. We will get them worked out but it might take a minute. Enjoy.