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The Card Counter

A tedious film with a great premise that will leave most of you fighting boredom.


While my friend Dr. Klineman loved it, I found it more depressing than entertaining.

F9: The Fast Saga

Absurd usually means awful, but there are occasional exceptions. F9 is one of them.

The Courier

Relive that moment in history where the world danced on the edge of nuclear destruction during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

A Quiet Place Part II

A riveting horror film just as engaging as its predecessor.

The White Tiger and I Care a Lot

Like them or not, don’t watch either film late at night.

Promising Young Woman

Woman may have the right to vote, but how do rape victims seek accountability if our justice system turns a blind eye?

The Midnight Sky

This film played out as a dark poem.  Pay attention as it unfolds into an emotional crescendo that will delight those wrestling with the meaning of life.

Let Him Go

Kevin Costner’s most forgettable film.

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