A better title for this miserable film would have been “Borebius!”


This cinematic nightmare rivals The Power of the Dog as the worst film I’ve seen in recent years. It is dull, tedious and lacks any imagination. On top of that, the special effects are repetitive and amateurish beyond words. and the film’s environment is darker that what was experienced in the recent Batman movie.

Let me just say that Jared Leto gives a tolerable performance as Dr. Morbius, a man with impaired legs looking for a cure. Developing a medicine using bat blood, his success has one drawback. He becomes a vampire who needs to drink blood to become normal.

Wanting to avoid the dark side, Morbius is confronted by a crippled friend who steals his medical cure and becomes a rival vampire with no conscience. Matt Smith plays the vampire from the dark side. Many of you will remember his great performance as Price Philip in the Netflix series The Crown.

Unfortunately, this film devolves into a boring battle between two vampires, where the destruction is observed by two confused police officers (Tyrese Gibson and Al Madrigal) and Morbius’ dedicated assistant/girlfriend (Adria Arjona).

Let me close by saying that the film had one fun moment. Watch Smith dance in his home as he celebrates his blood loving new life. At least it proves that some vampires have a sense of humor.