Reliving the Oscars

First and foremost, reference my review of CODA that published last August. While I named it the best film of 2021 to that point, my view never changed given my prediction that it would win the Best Picture Oscar.

In addition, this marvelous film was the only thing that saved the Oscars given Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rock. Smith demonstrated that he is a contemptable S.O.B. and it was a pity he wasn’t arrested. Regardless, he should have been removed from the theater where someone else was forced to accept his Best Actor Oscar.

But Smith’s condemnable assault reflected a problem in our country. Each day begins with news of who was shot in our state the previous night. Our legislature responds by passing gun legislation that allows most Hoosiers to “pack heat” at their discretion. I feel like I’m living in a remake of Gunsmoke.

Then we have parents yelling at School Board Members who just want their kids to learn a little history. Our legislature’s response is to minimize learning about slaves and its consequences today on Black citizens. Their motto seems to be changing the slogan “Forgive and Forget” to simply “Forget.”

And let me close with what we all experience on our city streets as we drive our cars. Speed limits mean nothing as you try to avoid thoughtless idiots who rush in and out of lanes. Why are these drivers in such a hurry to get to the next red light? Is there any wonder we have daily accidents?

But CODA is an inspiration that allows all of us to briefly tolerate life’s growing absurdities. See it again for your peace of mind.