The Outfit

Some of you will dance on the edge of boredom but hang in there. This is a dark, intellectually stimulating little film.

The Outfit

The entire film takes place in Leonard’s Shop, a tailor in Chicago, 1956. It is a post Al Capone gangster film where everyone dances on the edge of being shot.

Mark Rylance gives a dazzling, low volume performance as Leonard. He makes suits where his customers are mob hit men. His only employee, Mabel, played memorably by Zoey Deutch, has her own private agenda. Keep an eye on her.

Trouble unfolds one day when two mobsters (Dylan O’Brien and Johnny Flynn) confront Leonard. One is shot and the other has a disk he needs to decode to identify a “Rat” that has reported them to the FBI. Mayhem ensues.

There are no good guys in this film. There are no friends, and Leonard is left navigating with his life on the line at every turn.

What makes this move so fascinating is that the plot unfolds where you seldom know what will happen next. For example, is Leonard just a harmless, slow-moving guy, or the smartest SOB in the room.

Written by Academy Award Winning writer of The Imitation Game, Graham Moore, just grab a seat and expect the unexpected.