A brilliant, creative, inspirational film. All of you will love it.


CODA is the best film of 2021 to this point. Both funny and moving, you watch as a deaf family’s fishing boat is kept from financial ruin by their teenage daughter, the only family member whose hearing is unimpaired.

Emilia Jones gives an Oscar worthy performance as the daughter Ruby Rossi. A high school senior, she rises at 3:00 a.m.. every day to help her father and brother sell their fishing catch in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Though she is needed to interpret, she joins a student choir where her powerful singing voice creates a college dream that threatens her family’s financial future.

Marlee Matlin, who remains the only deaf actress to win an Oscar (Children of a Lesser God 1986), joins Troy Kotsur as Ruby’s parents. Their great marriage faces a severe problem given that they want Ruby to reject her college option and stay with the family.

There are a number of other wonderful performances, none greater than that of Eugenio Derbez as Ruby’s music instructor Bernardo Villalobos. Known to the students as Mr. V, he recognizes Ruby’s singing skills, and he sticks with her even though she has little free time. He is funny at every turn.

But what elevates this film to an unanticipated level is its musical score. It is provided by Marius Devries who previously brought us the soundtrack for La La Land (2016). It is captivating at every turn, and Ruby’s singing “Both Sides Now” and “You’re All I Need to Get By” with her boyfriend Miles (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo in a warm performance) will leave you wiping tears from your eyes.

This is a must-see film.