Who knew that there are some strippers who refuse to be prostitutes?


Based on a Twitter story that went viral, Zola is a nasty little movie that has a few interesting moments. Very few! It tells the idiotic story of a Detroit stripper who was tricked into a 48-hour trip to Florida to earn some quick cash. The trip involved a stripper who Zola barely knew, her idiotic boyfriend and her violent pimp.

Zola soon learned that the quick cash promise related to prostitution. Though she refused, this was right up her friend’s alley. She had no problem banging numerous men who looked like they just escaped from prison.

Taylour Paige holds the film together playing Zola. She is a smart woman and found a way to survive even though there were guns and shooting.

Riley Keough, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, is one deranged bitch, a word she was continually using. Her boyfriend, played by Nicholas Braun, may be one of the stupidest characters to ever appear on screen. And Colman Domingo’s role as a pimp made him resemble an American raised by Nazi parents.

The film was saved by its short length of one hour thirty minutes. However, time doesn’t fly because most of you will not be having a good time.