The Tragedy of Macbeth

This film is not for everyone. You have to be a fan of Shakespeare and authentic dialogue, or your best intentions will leave you out in the cold.

The Tragedy of Macbeth

First of all, I saw this movie with my good friend, Dr. Kleinman. He studied Shakespeare in depth as part of his education as a young man, and he embraced this film from beginning to end.

As for me, I must admit that the Shakespearean dialogue left me struggling throughout the film. Combined with having to wear hearing aids, I felt at times like the deaf parents in Coda, where they couldn’t hear their daughter sing in a high school production.

But what you don’t miss is a tremendous production by Joel Coen and Frances McDormand that includes great scenery and marvelous performances. Denzel Washington and Ms. McDormand are phenomenal as a married couple violently seizing the Scottish throne only to have it lead to their destruction.

Please keep in mind that the film functions as a college dissertation. If you only needed a “C” to pass the course, you will probably quickly forget this cinematic experience.

But if you are seeking to pursue someone who received an “A,” then find a way to date a male or female equivalent of Dr. K. I’ve already warned him.