It is shocking that so many movie critics waxed eloquently over this flat Tar!!


Cate Blanchett joins Ana De Armas as wonderful actresses appearing in the two worst movies of 2022. Tar, rivaling Blonde‘s length of 2 hours, 37 minutes, lacks any meaningful moment of entertainment value.

To begin with, Director Todd Field insulted the audience by playing the lengthy movie credits at the beginning of the film. Anticipating that many in the theater would leave before the movie ended, he clearly wanted to run this so the whole audience was forced to watch it.

Again, like Blonde, the movie was a boring mess from beginning to end. Ms. Blanchett plays Lydia Tar, a symphony conductor on the verge of rising to the top of her profession. The film covers her glorious symphony in Berlin.

Unfortunately, the movie becomes a profound bore as you are forced to watch Ms. Tar’s personal life sink into the cinematic mud. Ms. Tar, a lesbian, engages in affairs as her spouse (Nina Hoss) supports her both at home and as a member of the orchestra.

Without saying more, Ms. Tar’s life unravels when one of her lovers commits suicide. There is no joy in the cinema as you watch her life slowly descend into the gates of hell.

As noted above, many movie reviewers have stumbled over themselves praising this tedious film. They did the same thing last year with The Power of the Dog, and I fear regrettable Oscar nominations will follow that will probably include Ms. Blanchett as Best Actress.

I don’t want to sound rude, but I can only hope she doesn’t win.