Women Talking

Nominated for a Best Picture Oscar for a good reason.

Women Talking

Based on the provocative 2018 novel by Miriam Toews, Director Sarah Polley delivers a film that you will never forget. The women in an isolated religious community are confronted with their response to multiple rapes that many have endured from the men in their settlement.

The entire film takes place in a barn as the women gather to discuss their response. It becomes a debate as they seek a resolution consistent with their religious faith. Should they stay and forgive, stay and fight or leave?

Many of the men have just been arrested, so the women try to reach an agreement before they are released on bail. While the “talking” involved a heart felt response from these women, it rises to the level of cursing and yelling as they wrestle with their condition.

What makes this film so special is the brilliant performance of great actresses Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley and Rooney Mara. One is pregnant and the other two have children following being drugged and raped. You feel that you are watching what female slaves endured prior to the Civil War.

There are other great performances coming from Frances McDormand as a woman who wants everyone to shut up and endure. and Ben Whishaw as the only man in the movie. He takes notes of the women’s discussion since none of them can read or write.

Central to the women’s agony is whether they depart with all of their children or leave some behind. Depending on their age, how do you say goodbye to a child whose father raped his mother?

This is a movie that captures the life of women to this very day. Think of the abortion battle going on in our country where women confront having to give birth even if they are sexually assaulted.

Women are talking about losing control of their own bodies. Do they stay and forgive, stay and fight or leave?

This inspiring film helps answer that question. Stay and fight, ladies, stay and fight!