Luckiest Girl Alive

A better title would be “The Unluckiest Audience Alive.”.

Luckiest Girl Alive

This is a convoluted film with a plot that consistently falls apart. In summary fashion, Mila Kunis is an interesting woman engaged to a likable, rather dull man (Finn Wittrock). While he wants them to move to London where he has a great new job waiting for him, she is reluctant given that she received a New York Times job offer.

To complicate matters, she is forced to relive a horrible high school shooting. Shortly before a student gunmen killed multiple students, she was raped at a party where her attackers were also fellow classmates.

To make matters worse, one of her rapists, now in a wheelchair after being shot, publicly accuses her of helping the shooters. Even though she actually saved him by stabbing one of killers to death with a knife, she is literally being raped again, this time socially.

And there you have an outline of this forgettable film. While you have some tolerable performances from Connie Britton as Ms. Kunis’ alcoholic mother and Chiara Aurelia as her younger self, the plot dies quicker that the students who were gunned down.

The film is playing on Netflix and I would encourage you to ignore it unless boredom is your cup of cinematic tea.