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Commentary on the American Political System

I don’t know how any reasonably intelligent American citizen can support Donald Trump.

Oscar Nominated Short Films, Live Action

Three of the nominated films are based on actual events that function as a poignant history lesson.

Commentary on the Oscar Nominations

While I’m going to release my totally untrustworthy predictions concerning this year’s Oscars next week, let me make a few comments about the nominations.

Commentary on Indiana Wildlife

It breaks my heart that our State is considering destroying both our hardwood forests and our bobcat population.

Commentary on Guns and the American Way of Life

Sooner or later, we Americans have to join hands and state that “enough is enough.”

Commentary on the State of the Union

Something is going tragically wrong with our national government and I don’t have the foggiest idea of how to correct it.

Commentary on Racial Discrimination in Indiana

There is now clear proof that Donald Trump was right.

Commentary on Police Officers Dying on Our Streets

We will do nothing to ensure the safety of police officers until we finally do something about the sad reality that firearms infest our community.

Commentary on Kauai

While I know that all of you have missed my movie reviews over the past week and a half, I feel obligated to tell you that I have just returned from ten days… Continue reading

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