Commentary on Racism, Prejudice, and Guns

blm-street-art-muralWhat has happened to us?  Millions are unemployed and likely to stay that way for a long time.  On top of that, racism, like Dracula, has emerged from the darkness, biting and infecting its victims.

Look at our President refusing to change the title of military institutions named after confederate heroes.  These generals engaged in insurrection for the sole purpose of preserving slavery in our country.  Tolerating their memory in the name of history would be no different than Germany naming their military bases after Hitler, Goebbels, and other Nazi leaders who wanted to wipe the Jewish people off the face of the earth.

Our President caters to those who just want black protestors to shut up and go home. While we need a leader who will embrace our Police problem and unite us all in a solution that brings honor and dignity to our country, we get nothing but anger and venom.

Instead of reaching up to touch the hand of a forgiving God, he seeks the support of vampires to consume the protestors.  The meaning encompassed by our National Anthem is in jeopardy whether we kneel or not as it is played.

And then you have the Indianapolis Archbishop who forbids homosexuals from working for Catholic schools.  Isn’t it ironic that while Pete Buttigieg, the former South Bend Mayor, would qualify to be President, he would not be permitted to teach at Cathedral here in Indianapolis!  Then again, the recent decision by the Supreme Court appears to solve this problem.

And finally, there is the issue of guns.  Unless we do something, Americans’ right to “Life, Liberty and Happiness” is gradually being rendered meaningless.

While guns are used to kill close to 20,000 Americans every year, where are our masks and social distancing?  Our politicians, with the help of the N.R.A., only forbid guns in their office buildings, airplanes and large sporting events.  Why not extend that ban to help the average American as they try to make a decent life for them and their family?

As seen in The Hate U Give (2018), Police become the victims of our national gun madness.  Police are in a horrible spot when they validly stop a car in a high crime area at night.  What do they do when a driver reaches for something as the officer approaches?  What if it’s not a driver’s license but a hand gun?  Despite the racial hatred displayed by their comrades in Minneapolis and Atlanta, this realty can’t be ignored.

In any event, Director Spike Lee offered a solution to gun violence devouring our country in Chi-Raq (2015).  Adapted from the Greek play “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes, a Chicago woman of the same name seeks an end to gang violence in her city.

Knowing that the killings are mostly the work of men, she organizes a large group of women with the slogan, “Choose one or the other, Guns or Sex”!  The men laugh until eventually forced to confront the consequences.

A peaceful, useful protest don’t you think?