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Eleven Days on an Alaska Cruise

I urge all of you to consider Seabourn if you are thinking about a cruise anywhere.

A Commentary on Our President

Like it or not, how can anyone deny that President Trump has forfeited any semblance of dignity, honor and respect.

Hammerle Will Be Off the Grid

I know this will be a profound disappointment for most of you, but I’m going to be out of commission concerning movie reviews from August 31 through September 12.

Commentary on Immigration and Children

The actions of our President make a mockery of what our country stands for, and I’m not going to remain silent and tolerate it any longer.

Commentary on Early Voting

How can any Hoosier Republican stand silently by while their party engages in manifest racial discrimination.

Commentary on Hoosier Wild Animals

I thought that some of you might be interested in a recent Letter to the Editor I sent to The Indianapolis Star.

Guns, Porn Stars, Potholes and Movies

Forgive me my diatribe, but the films that have been released over the last several weeks have just not been very good.

Oscar Picks 2018

For those of you who read my column that appears in The Indiana Lawyer, you already know that I made my Oscar picks several weeks ago.

Oscar Nominated Short Films Animates Series

To be quite frank, these nominated films were somewhat disappointing and did not dance in the same league as the films recognized in the live action category that I previously reviewed.

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