Commentary on Embracing Ignorance

As COVID finds a way to again infect millions in our country, the goal of many is to be dumber than a box of rocks by avoiding vaccinations. On top of that, Texas finds a way to deny the victims of rape and incest the ability to have an abortion. How can anyone remain silent and still be proud to be a member of the Republican Party, particularly given their slamming Biden’s vaccine mandate.

While vaccines can bring COVID to a halt, people like the Colts’ Quarterback and Defensive Linebacker declare that they want the freedom to refuse the shot. This is fundamentally absurd!

Do they take the same stance by accusing the government of violating their right to travel at any speed on our highways or their personal right to drink and drive? Don’t vaccines function as government rules like traffic requirements to promote the common good?

Despite the fact that vaccines eliminated polio, measles and smallpox, these people would have been idiots for using their COVID stance during that period of time. On top of that, it is ludicrous for prominent Colt players to question the vaccine while they receive numerous shots treating injuries without a public protest.

And then you have the Texas abortion law. A large group of predominately white Republican men want to again make women second class citizens, while forcing them to pay the devastating price of being raped.

Like one pundit recently observed, its as if the Republican party seeks to embrace the past and have the Salem Witch Trials become the law of the land. Its time that we tell men to get out of the way and give women control of their own bodies.

Or should we find a way to burn at the stake women seeking abortions as modern day witches?