Commentary on Infrastructure

Two thoughts on our political leaders. First, given the massive work on our streets and highways, how can the Republican party oppose the pending $4.5 trillion congressional bill to fund these projects? How are we paying for it now?

Secondly, shouldn’t we demand that Indianapolis Mayor Hogsett justify why he is demolishing Market and Delaware streets bordering the downtown City-County building? Businesses have closed, which included the City Market given that City-County building employees have no easy access.

To make matters worse, the Mayor has led the charge to have the courts, prosecutors, and public defenders vacate downtown and relocate off of Southeastern Ave. on the lower East side. This will begin late this year. All the more reason to question why Market and Delaware streets are being shut down when a large segment of the working public will no longer be around.

None of this makes sense. From highways to city streets, the construction has caused Indianapolis to resemble a war zone. On top of that, Republicans in Washington are opposing legislation designed to pay millions of workers seeking good paying jobs the opportunity to work on these massive projects.

Both parties need to be held accountable. It’s time they remember to serve the public that elected them.