Commentary on the Revolt of the Republican Party

No one loves the holiday season more than me, though the pandemic we are living through rob it of much of its pleasure.  But being forced to watch Trump and his congressional sycophants try to annihilate our democracy and steal the Presidential election destroyed much of the spirit of Christmas.

The election was over two months ago and Trump still will not concede despite being soundly beaten.  He has become one of the greatest sore losers in history while claiming election fraud without presenting any evidence of any kind and that includes Georgia!

The voting count in all challenged states was confirmed over and over again by both Republicans and Democrats. His own recent Attorney General firmly stated that the Justice Department concluded that we had an honest election. Yet while lawsuit after lawsuit was thrown out of court, Trump and his minions want to steal an election by making the ludicrous claim that it was stolen from them.

What is worse is that racism is dripping from their hands. Not only did Trump try to veto a defense bill that would remove the names of white confederate heroes from military bases but the four states where he alleges fraud all focus on black voters.  This is profoundly sickening and cannot be ignored any longer.

At the heart of our voting process is the Electoral College. Yet Republicans stand ready to try and destroy that foundation of our Democracy on January 6. In doing so they emulate despots like Putin, Hitler and Mussolini who can remain in power by rigging elections. Like Nero playing his fiddle in Rome, Trump stands ready to play golf while 350,000 Americans die of COVID-19 as Washington burns.

But what should worry everyone is what America becomes after Biden is sworn in as our President. Republicans are stoking a violent reaction resembling our country in 1860 and I doubt they have the courage to recite our Pledge of Allegiance. They need to remember that we are “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”