Commentary on the Catholic Church

My days as a Catholic are over. That is difficult to say given my upbringing.

As a Catholic grade school student at St. Louis in Batesville, Indiana, I served Mass regularly through the 8th Grade. I have a nephew who is a Priest, and my youngest brother has a sister-in-law who is a nun. On top of that, I graduated from Marian College (now a University) still closely aligned with the Catholic Church.

But for me and others the church has developed fascists policies that no longer can be tolerated. First, the Indianapolis Archbishop has ordered Catholic high schools to fire gay teachers. This is a reprehensible policy inconsistent with Democratic values and Catholics need to demand that he either reverses his hateful, discriminating stance or resign if he wants us back in church.

On top of that, the Catholic Church in Philadelphia will not permit same-sex couples to adopt foster kids through a Catholic Adoption agency. LGBT couples are American citizens and this decision functions as a kick in the teeth to kids in need of a caring, loving home.

And now Catholic Bishops want to deny President Biden communion over his abortion stance. I simply can no longer tolerate the Dictatorial stance of these Bishops as they try to discriminate against our nation’s second Catholic President. What would they prefer, a thrice divorced President like Donald Trump?

In any event, the stance of the Church is completely inconsistent with values American’s hold dear. I for one can’t go to Church on Sunday and tolerate the above conduct of Catholic leaders. If Jesus could lead us by treating lepers, shouldn’t we do the same with gay Catholics and Abortion Right Advocates?