Commentary on Guns

How can we sit silent while gun violence destroys the image of our country? More to the point, we are the only nation on earth where thousands of its citizens are gunned down each year. The phrase “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” has become a figment of our imagination.

Four young Black girls were recently shot on Indy’s Downtown Canal as ten Black citizens are killed in a Buffalo, New York supermarket. Now 19 elementary students and two teachers are killed at a Texas school. The collective response from our elected leaders, particularly Republicans, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”!

I spent one year teaching the Fifth Grade in 1969-70 at a public school here in Indianapolis. All of the kids were African American, and I was the only white male teacher. I am haunted by the nightmare that parents in Texas must be living as they are forced to bury their children.

The fact remains that we need to have a gun control policy that ends this violence. AR-15 rifles should be banned. No one should be able to buy them. How can we stand silently by and permit an 18-year-old kid to do so as seen in New York and Texas?

Guns don’t protect our safety, they threaten it. If weapons are banned at the N.R.A. convention where Trump will speak, then they should be banned everywhere to ensure the safety of our grandparents and school kids.

As a first step to solve this problem, let’s remember that the Second Amendment was written at a time where all guns were one shot muzzle loaders. Let’s make it legal to carry such weapons in memory of our Founding Fathers and ban all other weapons. After all, if guns that had to be reloaded after one shot helped George Washington lead us to victory in the Revolutionary War, then let us follow his lead in finding domestic safety today.

It’s time to remember that we Americans are brothers and sisters regardless of the color of our skin.