Commentary on Ukraine and Vietnam

As I, like many, watch the disaster unfold in the Ukraine, I can’t help but be reminded of our country’s actions in Vietnam in the 1960-70s. It is ironic that we condemn Russia’s invasion and the killing of many civilians while we conveniently forget that we did the same thing in Vietnam.

It is undeniable that we unleashed bombs on the country and urban populations. We compounded our slaughter by spreading the chemical Agent Orange, which poisoned thousands of men, women, and children. Remember the picture of the burned little naked girl crying as she walked with other children down a road? Isn’t it interesting that we ignored the criticism of Russia and China for our actions?

Though we mock Russia for controlling the media in their country and arresting protestors, we should aim a lens on what was happening in our country to citizens opposing the Vietnam War. While over 50,000 American boys died in that carnage, it is important to remember what happened to the young anti-war protestors at Kent State in 1972.

While we labor to end Russia’s unjust invasion, as Americans we must never forget the phrase, “been there, done that.” Let’s remember the past to lead the world in an honorable fashion.