The Oscar Nominations

Let me make a few brief remarks about the Oscar nominations and I’ll dig into this later in more detail. However, the awards ceremony could rival the lackluster ratings of this year’s Olympics when audience viewership is measured on March 27.

To begin with, many of you could rightfully assert that I’ve lost my standing as a movie reviewer. While I previously dismissed The Power of the Dog as a tedious boring film, it leads all movies with 12 nominations! While I stand on my analysis, maybe I was suffering from mental exhaustion when I watched it. After all, it became the third picture in my life that I walked out of before the ending!

Regardless, I’m rooting for both CODA and Belfast. While I hope CODA prevails, these two films stand head and shoulders above the remaining nominees.

As for “Actress in a Leading Role,” Jessica Chastain clearly should win for The Eyes of Tammy Faye. And for obvious reasons, it should win for “Makeup and Hairstyling”, if it can beat out Cruella.

As for “Original Song,” I loved both Van Morrison’s “Down to Joy” in “Belfast” and Billie Eilish’s No Time to Die in that film. However, expect the award to go to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Dos Orguitas” in Encanto.

While I’ll reserve comment on the “Best Picture” nominees, it is appalling that this year’s Spider-Man didn’t get recognized. More people saw this film than the rest of the nominees combined, so need I say more?

Let me close by saying that Cruella should win for costume design and both CiarĂ n Hinds (Belfast) and Troy Kotsur (CODA) should split the “Best Supporting Actor” award if that was permitted this year.

While there are other award categories, let me reserve comment. It’s time for my mental health examination following my Power of the Dog review!