An inspiring, profoundly enjoyable little, animated, Disney film.


First of all, the film is loaded with great music. The original songs are written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. You want to dance in the aisle during the closing credits. Isn’t it time he receives Oscar consideration?

Though the story takes place in Columbia, it really serves as a metaphor about the lives of immigrants in our country. You watch Alma Madrigal flee with her husband, 3 infant children and others from armed pursuers.

Though her husband is killed saving them, she has a magic candle that allows them to create a beautiful village. All of her children and grandchildren develop magical powers with the exception of Mirabel. The movie unfolds as Maribel seeks a path to save the village as the magic disappears and everything begins to decay.

The film tells a beautiful story that will leave many of you wiping away tears by its ending. (By now most of you know I cry easily!) I kept thinking of immigrants trying to create a new world where they hold their families together.

Encanto involves adventures, marvelous special effects and songs that add meaning to the plot. This is a multi-dimensional film that will cause you to wish to visit Walt Disney’s grave and say, “Thank You.”