Jackass Forever

This film reminded me of the old song, “I hate myself for loving you!”

Jackass Forever

I saw this movie with an old friend who will remain nameless to save his reputation. His reaction as it ended, “Hammerle, I’ve never laughed so hard that long in any film in my life!”

Johnny Knoxville is an inspirational nightmare by any definition. Adding a few new actors to a cast that starred in the original film released over 10 years ago, it finds a way to bring a bit of dignity to rude and crude cinema.

Rated R for a good reason, nudity is required in multiple scenes where injuries are inflicted below the belt. As an example, wait for the moment where a female softball pitcher hits a catcher wearing nothing below his chest protector but a jock! Guess where her fastball struck her teammate?

Ironically, the actors are laughing as loudly as the audience as they suffer multiple blows. It is a wonder that all of them have not been diagnosed with severe disabilities.

So even if you are prone to declare this film off limits, think of the tedium and misery that surrounds are daily lives in this pandemic era. Maybe it’s time for you to see a film that transforms vice into a virtue. (Then again, this will not be on my Oscar nominations for 2022!)