Commentary on Abortion

I attended a Catholic school through the 8th Grade in Batesville, Indiana. I also served mass during those years when the responses were in Latin.

The Church controlled many aspects of members’ daily lives. For example, it was a mortal sin to eat meat on Friday. You had a ticket to hell if you died before getting to confession. Comedian George Carlin did a great standup routine on that subject.

Additionally, being a Catholic wasn’t always popular in our country. In that regard, think of the massive criticism heaped on John F. Kennedy when he ran for President in 1960. People feared that the Pope would run our country from Rome.

While I thought many of those people were crazy, I’m left wondering as our Supreme Court stands on the edge of reversing “Roe v. Wade“. Given that Justices Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Barrett and Kavanaugh are listed as Catholics, are they serving the Constitution or the Church?

Shouldn’t each one publicly address this issue? If they are devoted to Catholic teachings, shouldn’t they recuse themselves from any decision that will determine the fate of abortion in this country?

The bottom line is that women should have the freedom to control their own bodies, not the Vatican. Many men, like professional athletes, who opposed the Covid virus vaccine stated that decisions relating to their bodies belonged to them, not the government. Shouldn’t that same logic apply to women?

If abortion becomes illegal in our country, women will again become second class citizens. If they are raped and become pregnant, tough luck. Our national motto will again become “Let’s get women back in the kitchen where they belong.”

Like it or not, the overwhelming number of those opposing abortion are white men. If our Supreme Court contained more women than men, Catholic or not, “Roe v. Wade” would remain the law of the land.

As for me, I choose to live in 2022, not 1952.