Commentary on The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Romans stood quietly by while their centuries old empire collapsed, and I fear we are doing the same thing here in our country. The national motto of “All for One and One for All” has no meaning to millions of Americans.

While racial hatred has always existed, the Republican Party has adopted it as a source of regaining power. Many of their leaders have quietly preached the same policy used by the racist Buffalo killer that accuse Democrats of backing an immigration policy designed to reduce white power in our country.

People like Tucker Carlson and Fox News encourage immigration and racial hatred on a daily basis. Think if we lived in Poland and they attacked millions of Ukrainian immigrants with the same venom as they do immigrants from South America.

But as disgusting as this toxic approach is, their stance on guns makes me feel like a Roman on the edge of their country’s collapse. Four young Black girls are shot on Indy’s Downtown Canal as ten Black citizens are killed in a Buffalo supermarket. The Republican Party’s response concerning meaningful gun control is represented by the phrase “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

More to the point, the gun lobby is laughing on its trip to the bank. They sell millions of guns under the fake premise that we need weapons to protect our safety. They advocate a policy that guns are permitted everywhere but the buildings containing the offices of elected officials. What hypocrites!

As a first step to solve this problem, let’s remember that the Second Amendment was written at a time where all guns were one shot muzzle loaders. Let’s make it legal to carry such weapons in memory of our Founding Fathers and ban all other weapons. After all, if guns that had to be reloaded after one shot helped George Washington lead us to victory in the Revolutionary War, then let us follow his lead in finding domestic safety today.

It’s time to remember that we Americans are brothers and sisters regardless of the color of our skin.