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Mr. Holmes

A tiny film that will remind many of you why guys like me love the cinema.


International spies have not been this frenetic and madcap since Peter Sellers died.

The Connection

This is a wonderfully entertaining film that will quickly wrap you around its little finger. And did I mention that the musical score is also sensational?

Furious 7

Even if you have to wear a disguise, overcome your doubt and see this surprisingly fine film. Most of you will leave saying, “Who would have thought?”

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Who could ever miss a film with a legless villainess and Colin Firth converting Julie Andrews’ umbrella into a killing machine?

A Most Violent Year

You are not likely to see a more attractive married couple than Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain performing in an otherwise forgettable film.


Who really wants to see a film involving subtitles and several Chinese actors? You should. Buy a ticket and hold me responsible.

Inherent Vice

Anyone claiming to like this cinematic disaster should be exempt from spending eternity in Hell. Why would the Devil want to ruin his mood and have you hanging around?


Nightcrawler is an utterly disturbing film.  You’re missing nothing unless you want to watch a dipshit win.

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