Suburbicon is a godawful disaster by any definition. It is as pointless as it was insulting.

SuburbiconHas Director George Clooney spent too much time on Lake Como in Italy to remember the definition of movie entertainment? He combined with the legendary Coen Brothers to write this cinematic mess. And this talented triumvirate seems to have tragically lost touch with the real world.

Taking place in a Northeastern corner of the United States in 1958, the film focuses on one of the many suburban housing additions built after World War II. The idiotically portrayed residents resemble aliens who have landed from another planet. They are supremely happy in their nice little houses and manicured lawns until a black family moves into the neighborhood.

Had the film simply focused on racial tensions that inflicted our country at the time, including to this very day, the film could have had some meaning. However, it quickly became a cinematic train wreck that ran off the tracks when the plot centered on a father’s decision to kill his wife, run off with his sister-in-law while tying himself to the mafia.

I’ll refrain from saying much more about where this film was heading, as it left everyone in the audience increasingly shaking their heads. Suffice it to say that both Matt Damon and Julianne Moore must be profoundly embarrassed by their decision to be associated with this movie.

Damon plays the father of this disjointed family, while Ms. Moore plays two roles as both his wife and sister-in-law. Despite the fact that both are great performers, I suspect that they have taken a joint vow to hide their heads in shame.