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Kill the Messenger

Dark yet intriguing, this film is worth the effort for those who value history. It’s like watching a flawed mole crawl down a rat hole for honorable purposes, never to emerge.

The Equalizer

If we justifiably believe that the beheadings by members of ISIS are barbaric by any standard, then how can Denzel Washington be glorified for similar killings in what is labeled a noble cause?

The Drop

Say goodbye to Mr. Gandolfini while honoring the performances of Mr. Hardy and Ms. Rapace.

The November Man

While this film will likely soon be forgotten, wait until you see Ms. Kurylenko hunted by a vicious female assassin.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

If Hardee’s wants to continue with its despicable ads focusing on strippers, then at least hire Frank Miller so that pornography can be done with style.

The Rover

Leave The Rover alone and go see Animal Kingdom. Director David Michöd got tragically lost with his most recent film.

22 Jump Street

While this is a film that occasionally succeeds by mocking itself, it is far too rare to save it.

3 Days to Kill

Despite being released in Hollywood’s February dead zone, this is a film that is likely to surprise you on multiple levels.


How can this film be both fun and intellectually stimulating? How can that be possible?

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