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Side Effects (2013)

If you are taking any type of medication for depression, don’t use a sharp knife to chop up a salad if standing near a spouse. Rating: Though it matters not where or when… Continue reading


Parker is a wild thrill ride with far more surprises than disappointments. Sure it is violent as hell, but it is an entertaining adventure. Rating: While it is another one of those films… Continue reading

Broken City

On seeing this film, I was reminded of the alleged inscription on W.C. Fields’ tombstone, “What a waste of time and money.”; Rating: If you see this film, remember to sing the old… Continue reading

Bernie (2011)

Every criminal lawyer’s dream is to have a jury in a murder case that unanimously believes the victim was worth killing. Rating: Can be seen anywhere, particularly if you find yourself in a… Continue reading

Killing Them Softly

This is a film that is far more intellectually stimulating than visually exciting. Good deeds or bad deeds, they all get punished if the price is right. Rated: Can be seen at home… Continue reading


The only person who could be disappointed by this intriguing movie is Bruce Willis, who must secretly wish he had Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s hair.

Killer Joe

I can only say that if you see this film, you will never again be able to eat a chicken leg with any peace of mind.


For you history buffs, don’t miss this film. Yet it is extraordinarily violent at every turn, so consider yourself warned if you choose to enter.

Thin Ice

A movie that ends up charming you precisely because every character is a low-life cad.

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