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Commentary – Interpreting the Second Amendment

The arrival of the NRA for their convention is a perfect time for our community to have a meaningful conversation regarding firearm regulations.

Commentary on Phillip Seymour Hoffman and His Lost Comrades

With the death of Mr. Hoffman, we have lost one of the great actors working in film today.

Short Commentary on the 2014 Oscars

While it is too early to go into much detail, I am still convinced that the three best films of the year are American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyers Club.

Discrimination in the United States

Any student of history knows the sad fact that our country has embraced discrimination from its birth.

In Memory of Peter O’Toole

Here’s to you, good sir, gone but not forgotten, an old man forever young.

Commentary by Hammerle

How can you possibly talk about finding long-term solutions to violence when you ignore the ability of high school dropouts to get deadly weapons?

Commentary by Hammerle

If Indianapolis wants to be recognized as one of the finest cities in the Midwest, then we have to focus on several matters that demand immediate attention.

Movie Commentary by Hammerle

Quite frankly, the older that one gets, the harder it is to read obituaries. While we know that our collective date with destiny comes ever closer, why punish yourself and be reminded of… Continue reading

2013 Oscars

After my pathetic performance in regard to my Oscar predictions, I feel like I deserve to be placed in one of those dunking machines at the State Fair.

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