Follow-up Commentary on Charlotte Lucas

Lucas Oil StadiumI should let the comments of Mrs. Lucas rest, but it is impossible to do so. Her husband publishes an apology, but nothing is said by her. How convenient.

I’ve received some great responses to my previous commentary, and some simply require recognition. While Lady Antebellum complains about “minorities running our country”, she fails to acknowledge the status of our Congressmen, particularly Republicans. They are nearly all wealthy, white males, which appears to contradict her complaint.

Furthermore, with her and her husband running an oil company, is she suggesting that the oil industry has no power in Washington? Her complaints are as banal as they are sickening.

Finally, when Donald Sterling, the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA, made similar comments, not only did players on the team complain, but the league demanded that he sell the franchise. Yet nothing is done by the NFL in this case.

This fits in with my modern-day plantation analogy in the NFL. The league does nothing meaningful when it comes to disciplining it’s white, wealthy owners, while it’s wealthy black players are expected to say nothing more than, “Yes, Massuh”, in public.

And if we are to believe that Charlotte’s comments don’t reflect her true intent, I need her on my next jury when I ask them to ignore my client’s threats to kill the dead victim. Maybe then I will again hear a Not Guilty verdict.

Editor’s note: Charlotte Lucas later issued an apology statement.