Commentary on Charlotte Lucas

Charlotte Atkins Lucas Facebook Post
The inexcusable comments by Charlotte Lucas, who co-owns Lucas Oil with her husband, raises an issue that transcends her fundamental ignorance. More to the point, the conservative movement in this country has continually given a safe haven to wealthy white people like Mrs. Lucas who oppose a black President solely because they are “sick and tired of minorities running our country.”

While every conservative pundit vehemently objects to anyone supporting President Obama from “playing the race card”, at no time have they ever rejected the support of those who reject our President on those grounds. Their explanation is as sad as the so-called apology given by someone speaking on behalf of Mrs. Lucas.

In the end, Mrs. Lucas represents the functional equivalent of modern-day plantation owners. They simply want black and Muslim employees to accept high pay for “picking cotton” and shut up. Living handsomely in Hamilton County, they are the first opponents of any effort to raise the minimum wage for working class people of this country.

It was hard enough going to Colts games knowing the sad status of its owner, but now the namesake of the building makes it far too embarrassing to recognize at any level. If Mrs. Lucas’ response is to find a way to “fight back for what is right or wrong with this country”, then let me suggest that she give up her penthouse tickets at Colts games and sit in the upper deck with average Hoosiers trying to figure out a way to pay for a Colts ticket.