Commentary on ISIS and Iraq

Islamic State Flag Waving On The WindThose who are criticizing the American government for the crisis created by ISIS in the Middle East overlook the tragedy brought on that region by the Bush administration. This is recent history, and it deserves to be remembered regardless of your political affiliation.

As we all know, Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney created the false impression that Iraq possessed nuclear weapons. It didn’t. Based upon that allegation, we invaded Iraq, and it turned out that the American people and the rest of the world were misled to our collective detriment.

The Iraq War was supported by nearly all those claiming to be conservative Republicans. It further contributed multimillions to our national debt, and it’s too late to say, “Never mind”.

Saddam Hussein might have been a tyrant, but he was a tyrant who kept Iran in check and militants in his own country under control. When we deposed him in the name of the common good, we tried to create a democratic government that had no chance of working.

Again to listen to Obama critics, the President simply should have adopted Bush’s mistake. The country was now ours, and we should have continued to invest millions to treat it like our red-haired stepchild.

The bottom line is that ISIS had no chance in Iraq if Saddam Hussein was still the leader of that country, and that is an ugly reality that can’t be hidden under a political rug. We can’t just go around the world under false pretenses to create a democracy that a country is not prepared for, and then have our President arrive on an aircraft carrier wearing a flight suit while claiming success. The Bush administration and its Republican allies created a nightmare for which they still try to escape responsibility.

In the next election, if the Republicans want to run on a campaign centered on “fear”, why on Earth should we trust them when their actions supporting the Iraqi invasion created the very problem we now face? Clearly, many Democrats supported the Iraqi invasion, but one of them was not President Obama. Remembering a little bit about recent history can benefit all of us.