Christmas and the 2014 Movie Season

To begin with, I want to wish all of you happy holidays. This has been a tough year for movies, and it is unfortunately not helped during the holiday season.

While I admit that I have not seen either Night at the Museum 3 or Annie, that is not an accident. Both look profoundly weak, and it seems they call upon the audience to reduce their IQ before entering. The arrival of Christmas helps, but not much. I’m dying to see The Imitation Game as it seems monumental at every level. Also, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice also has great promise.

On the other hand, Ms. Jolie’s Unbroken appears to be a movie with loads of potential that I suspect outruns expectations, so we will see. The only other intriguing movie dances on the horizon with the arrival of Selma next year.

Yes, I know that Foxcatcher has received some critical praise, but it seems far too creepy to survive. Given the fact that Mark Ruffalo has a major role, I hope that I’m wrong.

On the other hand, we now stand on the edge of January releases, which usually involves tedious films that the studios hope to salvage a few bucks. For example, Taken 3 will be released with Liam Neeson, and I really don’t think that I need to say anything more.

Furthermore, as I work on this commentary, it has been brought to my attention that Sony may now release The Interview for public consumption. I have seen the previews several times, and it looks like an abysmally dismal film. I fully expect it to be God-awful from beginning to end, and my cynical side still suggests that the whole controversy was a product of the Sony Studio to produce some interest in this pathetic film.

I also must note that as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, I wonder if the Taliban encourages its followers to embrace the Bible? If they do so like many Jews and Christians, then can we really condemn them for their unforgivable assault that killed over 140 youngsters in Pakistan recently? After all, I just saw the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings, and didn’t Yahweh do the same thing to a larger number of Egyptian children to help Moses lead the Hebrew slaves to freedom?

Finally, I have long felt that if I was told that I had some affliction where the doctors gave me only so many months to live, I would hope that it would at least get me through the end of December. As a movie fan, better to die at the beginning of January, as I would at least be comforted by the thought that there is absolutely nothing worthwhile to be seen on the silver screen.

Happy Holidays and enjoy the New Year.