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Commentary on the Value of Books

As much as I love films, there are times when it is hard to justify sitting in a dark movie theater.

Commentary on Racism

As a long time criminal defense lawyer and movie reviewer, it is clear that some films shine their camera on the shortcomings of our modern society.

The Oscars Revisited

Forgive me, but I can’t leave the Oscar telecast alone.

Oscar Picks 2015

It is a sad comment that four of the five nominees for Best Foreign Film have not reached Indianapolis by the time I am making my Oscar picks.

Oscar Nominated Short Films 2015 – Live Action

While I’ll be elated if I’m wrong, give the Oscar to The Phone Call over Boogaloo and Graham.

Feast Revisited

Though I just reviewed Feast, the Oscar nominated Short Animated Film that I picked to win, something remarkable has come to my attention that I needed to share with all of you.

Commentary by Hammerle

Quite frankly, I think the recent quote from former governor Mitch Daniels tells far more about the state of the Republican Party than he cared to reveal.

Oscar Nominated Short Films 2015 – Animation

While my Oscar predictions will soon follow, let me simply say that Feast is a certain winner in this category.

Commentary on Oscar Nominations for 2015

With a few exceptions, I thought the Oscar nominations largely captured the best films and performances in an otherwise weak year.

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